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At the Hesed Financial Group, we have a passion for helping families reach their maximum financial potential through innovative financial strategies. We have seen lives changed and families becoming excited about their financial future, instead of worrying and living in fear. 

Cynthia Orta

Professional Life Agent

Since 2004 we have helped many families and business establish a “770 account”. By the grace of God we have become – if not the best – one of the best agencies in the United States at structuring policies for maximum cash accumulation. No other agency will be able to give you a better policy structure.


Edgar I. Arceo


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we are passionate about helping others

How do we do it?

And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. John 8:32

1) We are experts. We have been in business for many years; during these years, our main focus has been understanding and mastering the “art” of structuring policies for maximum cash accumulation. While other agents and companies spend all their time learning new techniques to sell more products, we spend that time making sure we will ALWAYS give our clients the best policy structure they can receive.

2) We maximize the cash value inside the policy by reducing the death benefit as much as possible – right at the MEC line (within IRS guidelines). Maximizing cash value means that we minimize our commission as much as possible.  While many agents may not even know how to structure a policy this way, many others simply decide not to do this because it would mean they would lose 80% or more of their commission. However, at the Hesed Financial Group, is all about the “Golden Rule." 

Alexis M. Pawlarczyk

Executive Assistant

Why “Hesed?" One virtue in people that reflects God to us is the Hebrew word “Hesed." Hesed is difficult to translate. No single word in English captures its meaning. Translators use words like “kindness," “loving-kindness," “mercy," and “loyalty."  Hesed is one of the richest words in the Bible, and it reflects the loyal love that people committed to the God of the Bible should have for one another. It is not a “mood” or something people “feel." It is something people joyfully DO for other people who have no claim on them.

At the Hesed Financial Group we have a passion for serving others. We apply the “Golden Rule” in everything we do. While other companies are looking to maximize their commission, we look to always protect our client’s interest first; even if that means losing a sale.