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a) The 3 key things you should look for when opening a Whole Life policy.

There are many things that will make one policy better or different than another. I could write a book about it (and maybe I will!), but I believe these are the 3 most important things you should look for when opening a whole life policy. Now, if you already have a policy, we offer a free consultation, where we can tell you if you can “tune-up” your policy, or if it would be better to transfer your policy into a new policy.

 1)     You should be able to have at least 70% of your premium liquid/available in the first year. If you are paying a premium of $100,000, you should be able to have at least $70,000 available to use (Cash Value) the first year.

2)     You should be able to “Break Even” in 4-7 years. If it takes you more than 8 years, you probably have the wrong policy structure.

3)     After breaking even, the policy should grow at a rate of AT LEAST 5%.

 These 3 points are especially true for people 60 years or younger with good health.

 If any of those 3 are missing, then you are probably not getting the best whole life policy. My recommendation would be to shop around with different agencies, or contact us (either via email or phone). Send us the illustration, so we can structure a policy with the same parameters (Premium, term, age, risk classification, etc), so you can compare and make the best decision for you and your family.

b) Real example of a well-structured whole life policy

Now, check the following example of a policy we structured recently (year 2020), and compare it with what you have. This is for a 45-year-old female, in good health.  She is putting $100,000 per year for 7 years. After 7 years there are no more premiums needed.

How to Get the Best Whole Life

In this section I will discuss the following 3 key points:

 a)      The 3 key things you should look for when opening a whole life policy.

b)     Real example of a well structured whole life policy.

c)      A video where I explained some red flags when opening a whole life policy.

If you would like to get a free personal analysis, please give us a call at 855-702-7702, or send me a personal email at edgar@hesedfinancial.com.

We work with life insurance companies that are rated A+ (or better), that has been in business for at least 100 years.  We will never ask for money paid directly to us – all premiums will go directly to the life insurance company.

We would like to earn your business. Give us a try, and you will see why we are one of the top agencies for structuring policies for maximum cash accumulation in the US.

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Are you getting the absolutely best whole life policy?

This is a well-structured policy, which has all 3 bullet points we discussed before:

1)     You have about 80% of the premium paid available on the first year.

2)     You are breaking even in 5 years

3)     After breaking even, it is growing at more than 5.5% tax-free.

Remember: Is not only about working with a good life insurance company, but about the policy structure. You can use the best life insurance company, but with the wrong structure, is like getting the best golf equipment without knowing how to play golf.

And lasty,

c) A video where I explained some red flags when opening a whole life policy