In this crazy time where the economy is trending downwards. I can truly say I have piece of mind that my policies are continuing to grow at a steady rate. I like to thank Mr. Arceo for guiding me in the right direction to reach my ultimate goal.
Nathaniel H (Miami, FL)

From my email exchanges and conversations on the phone with Edgar he has always answered all of my questions and concerns very promptly...and I've had a lot of them.  He's offered great suggestions on riders and instruments within a policy that offer more protection that I didn't even know really existed.  Edgar has a wealth of knowledge of the financial and insurance industry from years of experience in his field.  He takes a more conservative approach which I think is much better advice than I've received from a host of financial advisers that just want you to be "all in" and "stay the course" with stocks.  Edgar can even recommended books on the advantages of whole life for educational purposes of the client.  I think he's done a great job recommending a whole life instrument for my specific needs and goals in mind.  He's helped me structure a total retirement portfolio for better peace of mind with a guaranteed income instead of being at the mercy of the market.  So when you've finally had enough of the wild swings of the market I'd highly recommend Edgar to talk to for you're whole life insurance needs as everyone needs a Plan B. 

Allan P (Wymoning, USA)

We talked with Edgar for a while before deciding to change strategies and follow his advice. We had most of our money tied to the stock market, and we couldn't have made the change at a better time. A few months after making the change, the stock market collapsed. We would've lost 25% or more of our money, but instead, our retirement fund is safe even throughout the economic crisis (caused by the corona-virus) around the world. And if we ever need it, we know we can access it without paying penalties or taxes. We have recommended Edgar to our family and friends, and we would recommend him to anyone. 
Luisa & Ben M  (Maryland, USA)

Dear Edgar, I just wanted to say "'Thank You" for showing me the way to a tax free retirement income while providing for my heirs. I wanted to keep my money safe and didn't want any market risk. I also didn't like the fact that Term Life insurance was a lot like throwing money away...Your unique way of structuring my 770 accounts met all of my concerns. I also know that my son will greatly appreciate his account in his later years.
    Also, I very much appreciate all the hours you spent answering my many emails with my endless questions. I always got a quick response and never once felt pressured. You are truly a professional at what you do and I would recommend your services to anyone. If you ever need a referral you have my number. I have no problem sharing my experience . Thanks again and Take Care.

Jim B. (Maryland, USA) 

I wish I had listened to Edgar sooner when he told me I needed to invest in my own bank. Having this policy at first was an adjustment to my budget since I am the only person supporting my household but I don’t even feel the payment anymore, I am a little over halfway through my payment period and it has been a blessing and it has given me a peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about my future or about what would happen to my children if I’m gone. Two years ago I needed extra money for our vacation and I was able to borrow some of my money for it and paid back very little interest saving a lot of money and not having to wait too long to get it deposited directly to my bank account.  I highly recommend it!
Lorena Z (Tennessee, USA)

For the past 5-6 years, I have been fortunate to have Edgar Arceo managing my so-called "770 Account".  I was initially referred to him when I made inquiries about the "bank on yourself" concept.  He did a very good job of explaining to me in lay terms the complexity of this insurance plan and I agreed to have him set up a program for me.  I have never met Edgar, but via email, he has always been very personable and helpful - answering my multiple questions, even when they were repeat questions to which I forgot the answers he gave previously!  He never came across as impatient with me and was quite prompt in responding to my emails.  This year, he has been tremendously helpful as a negotiator between me and the insurance company as I wanted to make a change in my policy.  The insurance company initially provided incorrect information that Edgar had to sort out for me.  When the dust settled, the insurance company sent me a letter apologizing for their mistake and commending Edgar for his work.  I have no reservations about recommending Edgar to anyone who would like to work with a competent and personable agent on financial matters

A. Whiting (Caribou, Maine)

Edgar was tremendously helpful in setting up a policy that will protect the future of my family's finances. From initial contact through signing, the process was seamless. I would recommend a conversation with Edgar to anyone who is interested in protecting their loved ones. Consultations come at no charge; there is no better time to add security to your future.

Chris E. ( Maryland, USA)


After reading Nelson Nash's book “Becoming Your Own Banker”; I searched for an Insurance person that could explain this to me. I talked to several local insurance personnel, but I did not feel comfortable with the advice they were giving me. It was at this time that I made contact with Edgar Arceo. Edgar explained this insurance product thoroughly to me either through email or telephone conversations. I've dealt with Edgar on several products for my daughters and for myself and would highly recommend him to anyone.  

Denis B (El Paso, TX)

I have been working with Edgar Arceo for the last few years and I'm so happy to have found him on the internet! I corresponded with him by email for 2 yrs before finally deciding to have him structure an insurance policy for me! He consistently answered my MANY questions without expectations. 

I have found Edgar to be a wonderful financial adviser who truly cares about his clients and will always go the "extra mile" to help them feel confident in the products and services he provides for them. The LORD has blessed him with Wisdom in the financial world of insurance to help serve his clients best! I am thankful that I came upon his website when I needed knowledge and understanding in the realm of finances. I, personally, give my LORD thanks for that!

When looking for a financial adviser, look for one like Edgar, who has the heart of a "teacher" and loves what he does. It's a Win-Win situation every time!  Thanks, Edgar, for all you have done and continue to do! Sincerely Grateful,
Barbara (Washington, USA)

Letters and Testimonials